2nd update on December liquid diet progress

Well, I’ll cut to the chase — I’ve lost 10 inches as of last night, including two inches off my waist since Dec. 2. I have five days left on this all-liquid diet, including today, and I vacillate about whether I want to stop it on Saturday night instead of Sunday night to make it a full 14 days.

The logic behind this Almased-based diet is this: if people see quick results right away, they are much more likely to stay motivated to reach their goals. That has certainly been true for me so far. Instead of grabbing a big handful of potato chips when I get home from work (my big weakness), I now grab a tape measure instead.

Almased is a non-GMO powder made of fermented soy protein, probiotic yogurt and honey. In the morning, I have been adding an organic banana to my breakfast shake, plus a dash of vanilla, half a packet of zero-calorie sweetener Stevia (available at many stores) and a teaspoon or two of flax oil (you can also add olive or canola oil instead to make sure you get your good fats and Omegas 3s every day).

Almased isn’t cheap, but you can get it cheaper online, and with shipping costs it’s about $30 for 4-5 days of shakes. I only have one tin left to make it through the rest of my diet, so I’m hoping the local health food store is restocking it since I bought the last two tins over the weekend.

I “cheat” on the diet every day with a mug of Ghiradelli hot cocoa mixed with milk, not water. It is so good and I have something to look forward to at the end of the day. As I mentioned in a previous post, I also have had an occasional “beer juice.”

My energy levels have mostly been absolutely great — and on those few occasions I feel myself start to lag, I grab a cup of organic black tea or herbal lemon/ginger tea, which also is considered a detoxer.

I hope to see at least a drop of about seven more inches overall before the end of the all liquid diet — I’m not sure if that is unrealistic. After that, you’re supposed to substitute one or two meals per day with an Almased shake — I’ll see if I end up doing that. At this point, I’m not sure about that. But it sure does feel GREAT to have started my New Year’s Resolution BEFORE the New Year starts — no holiday cookies for me, because I swear if I have one, I’ll have 10 of them. So instead of having to feel guilty about that, I feel energized by the possibilities for getting in great shape again.