First trip to Williston

On Saturday I traveled to Williston from Dickinson for the first time since moving back here in late June. Guess I thought I was prepared, considering all the warnings I got. A few rocks from passing trucks hit my windshield, as I was warned, but didn’t appear to cause any damage, that I could see.

Having a place to do your laundry in the Bakken is an essential need. (Photo by Sid Pranke)

The worst part of the trip was when I entered Highway 85 North from I-94, the Belfield/Watford City exit. A big truck was right behind me for a 20-mile stretch, with no where to turn left or right to let him pass me. No passing lanes, either. He seemed to be rubbing that in a bit, since he was barreling down on my car more than a few times. So frustrating — it made no difference that I was yelling at him from the inside of my car; it did help me vent, though.

Watford City to Williston wasn’t so bad, even with all the orange cones and 45 mph, then 25 mph slow-down construction zones. The intermittent passing lanes made a big difference, too, they should add those between Belfield and Watford City, too.

I had heard the new urban legend that you couldn’t take a left turn in Williston. At times, that turned out to be true, but I found that taking alternate routes like the frontage road and University Avenue was fasting than waiting through all that traffic.

Beautiful lake at Spring Lake Park in Williston — features a Bark Park, picnic tables, and biking/hiking trails. (Photo by Sid Pranke

In my few short hours in Williston, I discovered a few treasures. I really liked the Daily Addiction coffee shop on Main, also the JC Penney’s store on Main has what appears to be vintage signage, so awesome. I enjoyed discovering Spring Lake Park, which has a nice lake, a Bark Park, trails for biking and hiking, a lovely area.

awesome vintage signage (Photo by Sid Pranke)

Hope to spend more time there and figure out a way to find some old country sideroads so I can take more photos of signs, oil wells, oil trucks, so many to mention.

Wish one of these horses were mine (Photo by Sid Pranke)