Friendly Neighborhood Oil Well

I’ve been back in North Dakota less than two months, so I’m still getting used to things. Not only do i have to get used to being back in my home state, but the fact that there’s an oil boom going on. Well, I didn’t expect to see a working oil well only two blocks from where I work — not only that, but right across the street from a residential neighborhood! It’s apparently the new normal around here — the co-workers I mentioned it to didn’t seem fazed at all. I spoke to someone from Texas that works at a fracking company and she said oil wells in residential neighborhoods are very common in Texas. See the video by clicking the link below:

Friendly Neighborhood Oil Well (video of oil well two blocks from my work)

I mentioned all this to my Mom in south central North Dakota and she couldn’t believe it, either. I said, OK, mom, imagine you’re sitting in your easy chair looking out the window and instead of seeing the park you’re seeing an oil well pumping oil all day long. She said she wouldn’t like that. I guess if you had your choice between looking at a park or an oil well all day, maybe the obvious choice is the park.

But the person I met from Texas said there’s an expression that I can’t quite remember: it goes something like, “If it’s goin’, things are good” referring to the oil well. I guess that makes sense, especially if your livelihood comes from the oil industry. It’s the new normal around here.

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  1. I would just like to bring to your attention that the pump jack your referring to has been there since the 80’s boom. People chose to build across the street from a pump jack. I personally don’t feel sorry for them.

  2. Hi, Mike — thanks for the info. So that pump jack has been pumping day and night for about 30 years? just kidding… would be interesting to find out, though. Wasn’t thinking in terms of “feeling sorry” for the people across the street, although that’s an interesting point. Wonder if your neighbors sold a lease next door to you if you would have any say over whether the drill could go in or not? Will try to check it out. Thanks for the comment…

    • I apoligize for the giving you the wrong info..that pump jack has been there since 1996 and is Denbury onshore, still before any of the houses in that area.

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